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NTU introduced Ecotourism and Policies for Management and Development of Ecotourism in Replication Series


On February 25, 2024, and March 2, 2024, the ECOViP Project Team at Nha Trang University organized consecutive workshop sessions to disseminate information about ecotourism and related issues on the development of this type of tourism in Vietnam. The aim was to reach out to students, postgraduate students, and faculty members of the university. This content was part of the second Training of Trainers (ToT) within the framework of the ECOViP project - Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Ecotourism to support sustainable development in Vietnam and the Philippines

The first workshop on February 25, 2024, targeted faculty members and postgraduate students. The main topics included summarizing the results of the second ToT of the project in Portugal, introducing perspectives in ecotourism, development policies, and examples of ecotourism development in Vietnam and globally. During the workshop, postgraduate students discussed and provided multidimensional perspectives based on practical experiences in businesses, sharing difficulties, and evaluating the feasibility of implementing an ecotourism entrepreneurship project in Vietnam in current context.

The second workshop took place throughout the day on March 2, 2024, catering to students in Tourism, Information Technology, Biotechnology, and Environment-related fields. The workshop focused on introducing basic concepts, helping students take their initial steps and consolidating their knowledge of ecotourism. Participants engaged in activities identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in ecotourism (SWOT) and presented ideas for development strategies based on knowledge acquired through specific courses in their respective programs.

Both workshop sessions attracted over 100 participants, demonstrating the widespread impact of the ECOViP Project and the interest of students, postgraduate students, and faculty members in entrepreneurship in general and specifically in ecotourism. These workshops set the foundation for the project's upcoming activities in 2024 and 2025, expected to provide more practical experiences and benefits to the students, postgraduate students, and faculty members of Nha Trang University.