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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Polytechnic University of the Philippines is the largest university in the Philippines in terms of population, with 22 branches and campuses, spanning across Luzon, home to almost 70,000 students across the country. Known as the “People’s University”, PUP offers quality tertiary, graduate, and doctorate education to marginalized communities and economically-challenged

families. PUP is a public, non-sectarian, non-profit institution of higher learning primarily tasked with harnessing the tremendous human resources potential of the nation by improving the physical, intellectual and material well-being of the individual through higher occupational, technical and professional instruction and training in the applied arts and sciences related to the fields of commerce, business administration, and technology.


The University promotes applied research, advanced studies and progressive leadership in the stated fields. PUP also offers ladder-type higher vocational, distance learning (open university system), technical and professional programs in the area of business and distributive arts, education and the social sciences related to the fields of commerce, business administration and other polytechnic areas. Furthermore, the University takes steps to enrich the academic program in other fields of study and adopts a polytechnic program of education designed to provide the individual with employable skills and managerial know-how in order to make them creative, productive and self-reliant. The University employs the E2E strategy – Enrolment to Employment mechanism, ensuring that all throughout the life of the student inside the campus they are supported by the University holistically and academically. This strategy provides industry-ready and skills-based training and seminars for students to be able to sustain their industry competitiveness even after graduation. 

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