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ECOViP aims to develop entrepreneurial and innovation capacities for sustainable development in tourism in Vietnam and the Philippines. It specifically aims at:
OBJECTIVE 1: Promoting the development of innovative interdisciplinary entrepreneurial ecotourism projects by HEI students in cooperation with the business sector. 
OBJECTIVE 2: Developing a roadmap for the improvement of the education programmes in tourism in cooperation with the business sector to increase employability of graduates.

This will be achieved through a series of well-designed and impactful actions that will contribute to: 

  • The development of the students Ecotourism projects, through the ECOViP competition and Bootcamp, during which they will receive training, tutoring and mentoring from HEI & business sector staff. 
  • The creation of a "roadmap for Tourism Curriculum Reform in Vietnam and the Philippines" in which partners will detail how the selected Tourism curriculum can be modified to meet the labour market needs and provide students with the opportunities to develop employability and entrepreneurship skills.