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LPU-Batangas hosts successful Training of Trainers (ToT1) Replication Workshop

Ma'am Hazel

LPU–Batangas recently conducted a Replication Workshop for ToT1: Entrepreneurship & Employability Skills (WP4-Capacity Building of Staff) on November 16 and 22, 2023 at the Academic Center. The workshop aimed to increase the number of beneficiaries of the training, multiplier events of the project, and ultimately increase the impact and use of the results of ECOViP. 

The two-day workshop featured our very own experts who shared their knowledge and expertise on entrepreneurship and employability skills. Participants were able to learn practical skills and knowledge that they can apply to their work and personal lives.  


During her opening remarks, Dr. Maribeth G. Buenviaje expressed her enthusiasm for the fascinating world of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. She shared that the session would focus on discovering the potential synergies between sustainability, economic growth, and creative business solutions by facilitating seminars and workshops.  

In addition, the projects will involve collaboration with tourism management, natural sciences, and technology programs to cultivate innovative ventures that contribute to local communities. 

About the ECOViP 

Dr. Sergel Dacut elaborated on ECOViP’s mission, which aims to improve the quality of higher education and labor competitiveness. The initiative also seeks to enhance the competencies, skills, and employability potential of students in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), promoting institutional collaboration and good practice exchange.  

ECOVIP aims to boost employability and entrepreneurship of graduates and support the tourism sector, fostering interdisciplinary entrepreneurial ecotourism projects and developing an education program roadmap in tourism. LPU Batangas is partnering with ECOVIP to develop entrepreneurial and innovation skills for sustainable growth in the Philippines. 

Entrepreneurship Fundamentals 

Entrepreneurship is a unique blend of innovation, adaptability, unwavering determination, and passion. It empowers individuals to turn their dreams into successful ventures. However, in his replication, Dr. Alex D. Ylagan emphasizes the potential risks involved in entering the realm of entrepreneurship. He also elaborates on the critical skills and characteristics required to succeed in this field. 

Navigating the risks associated with entrepreneurship can be challenging, but it also presents opportunities for growth and development. By identifying these opportunities, entrepreneurs can overcome obstacles and transform their visions into reality. 


Coming up with a Sustainable Business Idea 

During a group discussion led by Dr. Hazel Venus, participants were asked about their current or future business ventures. Dr. Hazel then outlined the necessary steps to develop a successful and sustainable business idea. Through a brainstorming activity called “Starbursting,” the group collaborated to generate innovative ideas that incorporated current trends, identified societal needs, and prioritized environmental responsibility. The outcome was a group of HEI’s with fresh and creative concepts for sustainable business. 

Market Analysis: Maximizing the Strengths and Opportunities 

In the world of entrepreneurship, strategic imperatives such as strength and opportunities are key to success. Dr. Fe Meñez emphasized the importance of adaptability and awareness when it comes to maximizing these two factors in starting a business. Although initial worries may pose a challenge to one’s startup, these concerns can be transformed into strengths, leading to opportunities for growth and development. 

To wrap up the 2-Day Replication Workshop, participants presented their creative and innovative ecotourism project proposals for selected tourism attractions in the Philippines. The project proposals can serve as a basis for a comprehensive implementation of sustainable ecotourism programs in the Philippines and Vietnam. 


The Replication Workshop for ToT1: Entrepreneurship & Employability Skills (WP4-Capacity Building of Staff) is part of LPU Batangas’ commitment to providing quality education and training to its students and staff. The university looks forward to hosting more events like this in the future, as it continues to empower and equip its community with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their chosen fields.