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Training of Trainers 1 Study Visit at the University of Alicante: A Deep Dive into Entrepreneurship and Tourism


In a bid to foster a deeper understanding of entrepreneurship principles and promote the development of effective business models, the Training of Trainers 1 Study Visit took place at the University of Alicante, Spain from October 2-6, 2023. The event aimed to bring together educators and practitioners to engage in practical exercises, discussions, and activities that would enhance their skills in imparting entrepreneurship knowledge.

Key Objectives:

The study visit included a range of objectives designed to provide participants with a well-rounded experience:

  1. Practical Exercises: Conduct practical exercises based on the theory delivered in online training sessions to gain a comprehensive understanding of essential entrepreneurship principles.

  2. Business Model Development: Elaborate effective business models through group work and discussions, obtaining immediate feedback from trainers, and understanding their applicability in real-world contexts.

  3. Communication Skills: Enhance skills to effectively communicate business ideas to potential investors through a variety of practical activities.

  4. Online Course Design: Begin working on the design of an online course in the scope of "Introduction to Entrepreneurship."

  5. Entrepreneurship Competition Design: Begin working on the design of an entrepreneurship competition in the scope of the designated task.

  6. Overview of Tourism Programs: Provide an overview of research and degree programs in Tourism at the University of Alicante.

  7. Networking: Meet and discuss with practitioners in the field of Tourism, particularly in sustainable tourism or ecotourism, and learn from their experiences.

Insightful Sessions and Speakers:

The study visit featured a lineup of distinguished speakers who shared their expertise and experiences:

  • Prof. Maria Elena Fabregat presented "Bringing the Stakeholders into the Classroom," citing examples from the UA Masters in Social Innovation.

  • Mr. Israel Pastor discussed "Supporting Employability and Entrepreneurship at the University of Alicante" from the perspective of the Employment Centre.

  • Ms. Loren Moreno Monteagudo explored "University of Alicante: Emprende," shedding light on the institutional framework for entrepreneurship.

  • Ms. Penélope López Benito shared insights into sustainability in the tourism industry, using the example of the company ALISUB.

Exploration of Alicante:

Beyond the sessions, participants engaged in a pitch challenge, akin to a reality show format, leveraging the knowledge gained during the visit. The group also enjoyed a campus tour and visits to key landmarks, including the Estación Biológica de Torretes & Museo de la Biodiversidad, Alicante Castle, Hestia Lucentum, and more.

The study visit successfully provided a platform for knowledge exchange, practical skill development, and networking opportunities, reinforcing the commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and tourism at the University of Alicante.

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