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Training of Trainers 2: Empowering Faculty for EcoTourism Education


The Training of Trainers 2, organized by Universidade Portucalense (UPT), co-funded by Erasmus, and held from January 22 to January 26, 2024, marked a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable tourism education and development. The event, aligned with the mission of the ECOVIP project, sought to elevate the skills and knowledge of faculty members, enabling them to better impart and comprehend topics related to ecotourism and sustainable practices.

The first day commenced with an official welcome by Fernando Ramos, the Rector of UPT, followed by representatives from the Executive Board and various departments. Attendees were treated to a University tour and a roundtable discussion on the challenges, prospects, and best practices in ecotourism, featuring invited speakers from prominent organizations such as the Portuguese Ecotourism Association, Town Council of Baião, and the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests.

Day two was marked by a deep dive into benchmarking the best ecotourism cases and designing ecotourism experiences, led by UPT faculty members Marília Durão, Sónia Nogueira, and Makhabbat Ramazanova. Participants also engaged in a session on creating avatars for sustainable tourism products, facilitated by Harald Friedl from FHJ.

The third day saw a field trip to BioRia and the Atlantic Salt Flats of Aveiro, providing a hands-on experience of ecotourism in action. Day four was dedicated to discussions on eco-environmental policies led by Oana Driha from the University of Aveiro, followed by a guided tour of Porto's historical city center and a social dinner.

The final day was reserved for the ECOVIP management meeting, where participants strategized and discussed deliverables for work packages.

The Training of Trainers 2 at UPT was a testament to the commitment of academia and industry to advance sustainable tourism education and practices. The knowledge and insights gained from the event are poised to have a lasting impact on the future of ecotourism and sustainability in Portugal and beyond.


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