Welcome to the ECOViP online training platform.

    Through these training modules ECOViP aims to present innovative and interdisciplinary teaching strategies for entrepreneurship in the tourism industry from a sustainable development perspective. 

    Selected participants from the ECOViP partner and associated partner institutions will be able to participate in each module as it goes live, with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous sessions. To participate please contact us through the Facebook so we can put you in touch with the ECOViP manager in your institution who can register you for the course.

    Following the end of the training phase, in April 2024, the modules will be made available to any who wish to participate in them asynchronously.

    For more information on ECOViP please visit our website www.ecoviperasmus.eu and follow us on social media @ecoviperasmus

Available courses

This module aims to provide an overview of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, the base business creation model for setting up a business and assessing its economic and financial viability, as well as entrepreneurship implementation and communication techniques.

This module aims to introduce the concept of ecotourism, its interpretation and application in different contexts, as well as the development of sustainable tourism products and presents regional ecotourism business models.

This module aims to provide an overview of the different scenarios and possibilities of curriculum upgrading for entrepreneurship education, the application of innovative teaching methodologies and the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education and its impact on the employability of graduates.